Do y’all know these little Apple Chargers that plug into any Apple device? I don’t have a problem with them, but it had started a really stupid fight between my brat of a brother and I. Last Night, around 8 or so, my brother goes, “I’m gonna listen to my music and I gotta use your charger”. I go, “Why can’t you just ask?” So he asks, and I let him. About an hour later, I tell him to go brush his teeth and to give me the charger back. He starts whining that he needs it, and I tell him he cannot use it because I use my phone as an alarm, and if it doesn’t charge, I won’t be able to get up on time for school. Then, he calls me “Rude and Sarcastic”. So, now I’m pissed and try to tell him my reasoning, but he keeps interrupting me and whining, bitching, and complained because I won’t let him use it over night. I can’t and turning off my damn phone won’t work either. Trust me, it happened to me before. Anyway, I ask him if he had already did his mouth wash. Instead of answering me question, he sasses me and goes, “What do you think?” I’m like, “Boy, just answer my goddamn question” Because, you can’t really tell if he did or not unless you checked his teeth/gums and last night was not the night. Then, he goes “You’re gonna have to figure it our yourself” Boy, I was STEAMING mad. I swear, this world is nothing but a bunch of brats.

What I really hate about cancer commercials that I didn’t realize while I was bitching about breast cancer is that they care about breast cancer (mainly females) but don’t give a flying f**k about prostate cancer (male cancer) . Women don’t really think about it logically because despite being treated like queens, they still think they are unequal. Women earned their right to vote and serve the country made then equal. Being a spoiled little prick about every last little thing a man does or does not do. Get some damn sense ladies.

I always knew my brother was a brat but I never knew he could be a bully. He got a XBOX 360 and has this friend named TaskoMob. So this TaskoMob brat doesn’t know me but after Ryan said I didn’t like Minecraft (it’s a stupid game) he starts to verbally bully me. He can’t seem to get it through his thick head that he needs to shut up and take back what he said because me not liking that stupid game is an opinion of mine and he doesn’t know me so he shouldn’t have the right to be a bitch to me. That isn’t even the worst part. The worst part is that my own brother is a bystander but not just any bystander. My brother is like part messenger so all he does is tell me what TaskoMob said and keep playing. He doesn’t say Jack Shit about me to help me. He doesn’t stand up for me or report this jackass he calls a friend. No, he just laughs it off likes it’s some kind of sick joke. Well brother, it’s not. I even tried to remind him that bystanders do the worst damage and he cuts me off with, “Don’t start with that.”. Ok. Numero Uno, He ignored me. When I have something to say, I HATE BEING F**KING IGNORED LIKE I’M INVISIBLE OR SOMETHING! It’s not like I don’t have a voice in a free country call UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Numero Dos, i don’t think he realizes this, but he just betrayed me. I did so much crap for his happy tail and can’t seem to return the favor. The only thing I ever get is some snarky ass comment by at least SOMEONE! (not always my brother which is really f**king sad) Numero Tres, he’s not only a bystander, he’s also become a bully with that kind of crap. My Plan of later is that I’m probably going to report this TaskoMob jerk and get into a serious one-on-one talk with my asshole brother. They’re both 11 and I’m older. I’m not just going to sit on my ass and let this happen and I’m not going to go all suicidal like some of those other people who didn’t think of any other way. Having an 11 year old bully and betray me isn’t worth my life. It’s not like I’ll be around his happy tail forever. The good thing is that TaskoMob should be moving into our apartment complex next month so I’ll be able to talk about it with his parents and make him realize the seriousness of this. No wonder school go on and on about bullying. Regardless of the consequences, the kids don’t take 5 seconds to think about it and go on and do it anyway, I’m going to be the strong one here and stand up for myself. You know what? I don’t need my brother standing up for me when I can do it myself. I may the the victim but that doesn’t mean I won’t stand up tall.

I really hate the feature on all the Apple stuff called FaceTime. My dad is off on the Rig for 2 weeks and my dumb ass brother keeps calling him 24/7. This time, my brother told my dad that I have just been laying in bed all day (I call it chilling) and my dad bitches at me that I need to do something. I’m like, “Bitch, I have had a hard week and the least I deserve is to have a day where I don’t have to do jack shit. So get the f**k over it.” (Of course I didn’t say it) I just say yeah, whatever. So Ryan then keeps yakking about all the negative things about me and It just pissed me off so much that I slightly taped him on the head (I’d call it hitting but he deserved it this time) and then everyone gives an Apeshit. So I apologize and right now I am praying to the Lord that dad doesn’t call me on either facetime or my phone because the last thing I need is Dad bitching at me about every last little detail when I’m on PMS which will probably end up with me being in bigger trouble.

My Brother is a Total BEEOTCH!

My brother is absolutly addicted to Minecraft. So addicted that he listens to the shitty minecraft songs (as if one direction wasn’t bad enough) and today he made me listen to it. After I stated my opinion on them, he started bitching about how I hate everything (which I don’t) and how I waste money by not using my shit everyday. He’s been turning into a real big baby too. Whenever we argue and he doesn’t get his prissy little way, he starts whining and crying. He also still sucks his thumb and has a blues clues blanket which was really an old mattress cover. All he’s missing is a diaper and a bottle. He also knows crap about things a 10 year old shouldn’t even think about. He knows about this site called meatspin and it was DISGUSTING! I went on it when I was little and my parents sat me down and talked to me about it. Now, I never get on that site ever again but my brother just goes on and on about it. He also knows about South Park and Family Guy. Wow! What happened to Tom and Jerry? Popeye? Smurfs? What about the good shows 10 year olds should be watching? My dad is going to be home soon and we’re going to San Antonio so that means no Wi Fi so I am going to end this now.

I swear for a 10 year old, my brother has to be the brattiest kid I’ve ever met and I had to stick around his ass for 10 years. I just got finished cooking dinner for him and he demands that I bring it to him (doing nothing) while I am trying to clean up and get my dinner situated. Hs reasoning? “Because I’m too lazy” so I had to let it sit there and eventually he got off his ass and got it, Whoop de doo! He then bitched that his dinner was cold and called me rude for not giving in to every last f**king demand on a silver platter. Now if you will excuse me, my water is boiling.

I hate how kids today at school cuss up a storm but when a quiet and smart kid cusses, they act all surprised and never forget it. “Omg Gurl You Just Cusses.”“Gurl, did you just cuss.”” I can’t believe you f**king cussed!”“You shouldn’t say dat in school!” Yeah, and let’s not also forget that you cuss every 5 seconds. “Yeah but I’m ganster like dat and ur a school nerd who makes straight as and is. teachers pet. It sounds cool outta me but weird outt u so just stahp.” Shoot me somebody please. Oh and I made all those typos on purpose just to give you an idea on how kids today talk and how kids jpuse shitty grammar.

So I was just chilling in the living room with my brother, eating my honey bun and drinking water. My mom moved the sofa away from the coffee tables so I had to put my bottle down on the floor. So when I pick it back up again, brother trys to take it from me and get a sup without asking. I told him, “RUDE! You should ask first!” He asked but not in a polite way. He said, “Alexes. can I please have a donation?” I’m like, “It’s not a donation if you ask for it. Just ask if you can have a sip. Damn! He does that and I tell him that he can only have a small sip. When he gave it back to me, 3/4 of the bottle was empty and then he goes looking for his laptip to play minecraft. “Where’s me computer?” he keeps asking me. I go, “How the hell should I know?” so I get up from them couch and then he hits me and makes thise annoying minecraft sounds the guy makes when he gets hit. So I say, “How about excuse me?” he did and that’s that. Kids these days need manners.